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The purpose of this course is to enable students to understand the causes of human aging, nutrients for skin care, diet methods for detoxification, diet rules for weight loss, diet arrangements for weight loss, and the application of decompression nutrition through easy and direct teaching methods. And the correct concept of sports.


Course content:

1 Free radicals and aging, skin health and nutrition, anti-aging diet before marriage—students can learn about the causes of human aging, the effect of antioxidant nutrients against aging, the methods and nutrients for skin care, etc.


2 Pre-marital Detox Nutrition and Diet - In addition to understanding the formation of toxins, students will also be aware of different nutrients and dietary techniques that help the body detoxify.


3 Nutrition and pre-marital weight management—students can learn about the causes of obesity from the classroom, the dietary guidelines for weight loss before marriage, assess personal nutrition and dietary problems, and learn about weight loss meal arrangements.


4 Decompression nutrition and pre-marriage preparation, exercise and weight loss—students can learn about the source of stress and its impact on the body, the absorption of decompression nutrients and diet techniques, the benefits of exercise, the types of exercise, and the design of exercise plans.



Suitable for applicants: Prospective newcomers and those who are interested in nutritional supplements may apply

Language of instruction: Cantonese as the main language (supplemented by English). Textbooks are mainly in Chinese

Course Structure: This course is 4 hours in total

Pre-marital nutrition diet class

HK$1,080.00 Regular Price
HK$918.00Sale Price
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