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Women should pay attention to their daily diet and nutrient intake in the early stage of pregnancy to ensure that the fetus receives proper nutrition and healthy growth and development. Pregnant women should also properly control their weight to prevent their babies from being overweight or underweight, or even getting sick or dying. During pregnancy, women experience significant changes in body shape and weight due to changes in hormone secretion. Postpartum fat builds up, and changes in eating habits tend to keep the weight up. The arrival of a small life will bring joy to you and your family, but facing new challenges every day can make you neglect your own health.



This course explains the nutritional needs of pregnant women at different stages, and provides appropriate dietary recommendations and guidelines for common dietary and health problems of pregnant women. It allows students to learn correct eating skills to cultivate good eating habits, improve physical fitness and build health during pregnancy. lifestyle.



course features

* Courses are planned and taught by experienced nutrition experts.

* The design of the course content is targeted and applicable. Interactive teaching through individual explanations, group discussions, case analysis, video sharing, and multimedia makes learning more interesting.

* Theory and practice are ready to help students improve the level of specialized knowledge and achieve the purpose of applying what they have learned.



Suitable for students

This course is suitable for pregnant women and their relatives or anyone interested. 


Course content

Pre-pregnancy intake of nutrients and dietary advice

-   How to make sure you are getting enough nutrition

-   How to prevent allergic diseases

-   How to Reduce Your Immune System and Your Chances of Chronic Disease from Your Diet

-   Emotional management and promotion of nutrients and ingredients

Proper diet and nutrition tips during pregnancy

-   Understand the key nutrients and food sources required by pregnant women at different stages

-   Know the dos and don'ts of food preparation and selection

-   Common discomforts during pregnancy and how to relieve them

-   Disease management plan and instructions

-   Nutritional menu and recipe recommendation

Postpartum nutrition and dietary guidelines

-   Diet strategies to condition your body during confinement

-   Food matching and dietary management, choosing taboos, soups and recipe recommendations

-   Nutritional needs of breastfeeding, ingredients and soups to help promote lactation

-   Ingredients and precautions to prevent milk plugging and withdrawal

Feeding arrangements and nutrition guidelines for infants from 6 months to 1 year old

-   The benefits of introducing solid food, the code and the timetable

-   Nutritional needs and taboos for babies aged 6-12 months

-   Nutritional recipes and cooking methods for 6-12 month old babies

-   Food allergies and solutions


course structure:  This course is 15 hours in total (3 hours per session, 5 lessons in total)


language of instruction

* Taught in Cantonese. The lectures are mainly in Chinese, with nouns supplemented in English.

Pregnancy Nutrition Diet Advanced Class

HK$3,000.00 Regular Price
HK$2,550.00Sale Price
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