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The purpose of this course is to make students aware of nutrients for immune boosting, dietary tips to prevent diabetes, nutrition and dietary tips for cardiovascular disease, nutrients for digestive and intestinal health, osteoporosis, joints through a simple and straightforward teaching method The causes and diets of pain and gout, and the utilization knowledge of liver health and diet, etc.





brief introduction


What you need to know to prevent diabetes

Students can learn about the causes and symptoms of diabetes, dietary precautions and nutrients to improve the condition, etc.


Heart health perspective

In addition to understanding the causes and symptoms of cardiovascular diseases including high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease, trainees will also learn about different nutrients and dietary techniques that can help the body improve diseases


Digestive and Gut Health

In addition to understanding the digestive system, the function of the intestines, and the problems of the digestive system, the trainees will also know the dietary rules and nutrients for the prevention of intestinal diseases, etc.


Liver Health and Diet

Students can learn about liver function, liver diseases, liver protection diet and nutrients, etc.


How much do you know about osteoporosis and joint health?

Students can learn about the causes of osteoporosis and arthritis, the problems caused by them and their impact on the body, the absorption of proper nutrients and the skills of diet, etc.



Language of instruction: Cantonese as the main language (supplemented by English). Textbooks are mainly in Chinese


Course Structure: This course is 10 hours in total (2 hours per session)

Nutritional disease prevention and health care class

HK$2,000.00 Regular Price
HK$1,800.00Sale Price
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