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Purpose: Through comprehensive courses designed by professional nutritionists and fitness coaches, students can cultivate the habit of balanced diet and learn the correct attitude of healthy life; stimulate potential, inspire thinking, exercise physical fitness, improve physical fitness, build self-confidence and cultivate in game activities The spirit of teamwork.


Course content::

1. Assessment and analysis of school children's health and nutrition diet

2. Workshop on Health and Nutrition

3. Physical fitness training class

4. Camp cooking class


Remarks :

Target: Students aged 5-8 (both male and female)

Format: Individual, group interaction, 4 lessons in total

Language: Mainly Cantonese (supplemented by English). Textbooks are mainly in Chinese

Course structure: The course is 6 hours in total (1 hour 30 minutes per session)

KIDFIT school children nutrition diet class (group)

HK$1,500.00 Regular Price
HK$1,200.00Sale Price
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