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Drinking water will make you fat? The net is fat PatPat? Feeling out of shape after giving birth?

Can't lose weight in hell?! Weight rebounding quickly?

Want to learn easy, healthy and effective ways to lose weight, Zhong FIT Foot I?

A course that benefits both body and mind, experts teach you to lose weight DIY!



Comprehensive weight and physical examination + nutritional diet analysis

* Detailed measurement of physical parameters and analysis of physical condition

* Assess health and daily dietary conditions and problems, and make targeted improvements and monitoring


Nutrition consultant professional guidance

* Provide targeted dietary guidance, choose an appointment time, and follow up regularly to see the target

* Keep a diet diary to help assess nutrient absorption and maintain good weight loss progress

*  Modify behavior and living habits

* Online professional follow up on health and diet progress


Targeted nutrition workshops, cooking classes and exercise classes

Including all aspects of food labels, healthy and nutritious cooking, guide to eating out, good fats and bad fats, nutrients for immunity, detox diet, skin beauty and anti-aging diet, stress reduction workshop/successful sharing, carbohydrates and glycemic index , exercise and weight control



Comprehensive nutritional products

1.   Block starch absorption, reduce the conversion of sugar into fat accumulation; increase muscle mass, speed up metabolism, speed up fat burning; speed up intestinal peristalsis, remove waste and stool; strengthen lymphatic circulation, improve lower body edema


2.  Help to remove waste toxins; improve immune function, effectively remove free radicals, delay aging


3.   Unique herbal formula that provides milk thistle, valerian, hawthorn, garlic, bilberry, red pepper to improve and enhance blood lipid and cholesterol metabolism, increase heart muscle power, enhance physical strength and endurance


course features

* Courses are planned and taught by experienced nutrition experts.

*The design of the course content is targeted and applicable. Interactive teaching through individual explanations, group discussions, case analysis, video sharing, and multimedia makes learning more interesting.

*Theory and practice are ready to help students improve the level of specialized knowledge and achieve the purpose of applying what they have learned.


Suitable for students

This course is suitable for anyone interested in weight management.



course structure:  This course has a total of 24 hours (2 hours per session)

PhD Weight Management Course (Group)

HK$12,800.00 Regular Price
HK$9,600.00Sale Price
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