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He has been a fat boy with four eyes since he was a child. An accident changed his life. In a blink of an eye, he has lost 40 pounds of fat for 23 years. Being able to cook, love to teach nutrition, and love to help people lose weight. In the face of Hong Kong-style diets, using Hong Kong-style methods to fold the bombs can definitely be called “superior” in weight loss. Like the ladies, they love to eat but are afraid of fat. Choose food and drink daily, talk about food and drink.

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self introduction


  • Master of Philosophy and Bachelor of Honours in Food and Nutrition, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • Personal Fitness Coach (IPTA)

  • Fitness Yoga Instructor (AFTP)

  • Fitball Professional Coach (AFTP)

  • Sports Nutrition and Weight Controller (AFTP)

  • Certificate in Sports Nutrition (HKU)

  • Diploma in Chinese Medicine Nutrition (CUHK)


  • Founder and Nutrition Director of Junjian Nutrition and Health Consultants

  • Hong Kong Professional Management Association (HKMA) Principal Lecturer for Certificate and Diploma in Health and Nutrition

  • Employees Retraining Board: Foundation Certificate for Post-natal Care, Nutrition Consultant Assistant Certificate, Nutrition Knowledge I (Knowledge of Nutrition) Certificate Course Lecturer

  • Chief Nutrition Consultant of NUTRAVITE and KARDOVITE Health Care Brands in Canada

  • He has published 5 books on nutrition including "Hong Kong Children Don't Get Fat", "Farewell to Fatty and Eat This Way", "Nutritionist Teach You Scientific Health Care", "Eat and Lose Weight Fasting 98 Recipes" and "Rainbow Diet".

  • Vice-President of External Affairs, Hong Kong Society of Dietitians

So far, JOHN SIR's best weight loss record is 80 pounds, and the best healthy weight loss record in one month is 20 pounds. Recently, he also helped a member successfully lose 9 pounds in a week and regain his health. Beautiful and confident. Behind the good results is the absence of drugs, diet and reliance on equipment.

JOHN has rich experience in the research and development of nutritional health products, and provides nutritional analysis and consulting services for products. As a KOL in the nutrition industry, he also often visits major electronic media, and the reported and published interviews have exceeded 6,000. Second-rate. He used to be a nutrition columnist for Shuangbao, Sing Tao Daily, JMEN, EVI, Children's Health Education Network, IWEDDING CLUB and HealthyD. He has hosted more than 1,200 nutrition and health lectures.


​Key Services

weight management

Prenatal and postnatal nutritional therapy

Detox Wellness Physiotherapy

Chronic disease diet plan

skin care physiotherapy

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