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蔬菜, 纖維, 檸檬, 薑

"Food and health are closely related. If you know how to get the right nutrients from it, this will be the first step for you to live a long and healthy life."

JOHN SIR, 黃榮俊, 營養師, 營養顧問, 營養師服務

Dietitian JOHN SIR

浚健營養及健康顧問, JAC

JOHN SIR has provided more than 20,000 clients with different nutritional dietary consultation services, and has successfully lost more than 200,000 pounds. The difference between JOHN SIR and general nutritionists lies in helping clients to establish a healthy lifestyle with self-interaction. Through the mastery and application of nutrition, diet, exercise and psychology, they can achieve truly relaxed and lasting weight loss results.

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