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The wedding day is a major event in life. In addition to carefully arranging a series of wedding events, the most important thing is to dress yourself up as the most attractive person in the audience, to be the protagonist, and how to become attractive and beautiful. What about? To meet the important moment in life in the best state, how to lose weight before marriage healthily? Besides focusing on weight loss, how to enhance the new personality and improve the skin quality to make you more radiant? From the inside to the outside, what exercises can help you improve your body shape and local self-cultivation?


A lecture that transforms inside and out

Experts teach you to transform DIY!

Learn to transform into Dafa in 60 minutes, super practical!


<Participants have a chance to get a free NUTRAVITE Antioxidant Formula (valued at $438)>


Language: Cantonese

Lecturer : Mr. Huang Rongjun

  • Bachelor of Science with Honours and Master of Philosophy in Food and Nutrition , The Chinese University of Hong Kong , Personal Fitness Coach , Sports Nutrition and Weight Controller and Professional Fitness Ball Coach
  • Mr. Huang is a senior nutritionist at Junjian Nutrition and Health Consultant Center , with over 19 years of experience in teaching and nutrition and health care consulting and a healthy weight management consultant
  • Nutritious diet plan has been provided to more than 10,000 people
  • Major electronic media visitors and nutrition columnists
  • Published 5 bestselling books on nutrition and health
  • In charge of nutrition and health seminars on different topics and has more than 1000 sessions


Pre-marriage Beauty Makeover Lectures

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