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From the day you start to conceive, you need to pay extra attention to your daily diet. This not only ensures your health, but also enables the healthy development and growth of the fetus, making it a "high-quality" beer. Pregnant women must properly control their weight to prevent the birth of an underweight or overweight baby or increase the chance of pregnant women developing gestational diabetes. Babies who are underweight are more likely to die, while babies who are overweight are more likely to suffer from diabetes and heart disease. How can a pregnant mother follow a nutritious diet?


Course content:

● Tips for proper diet and nutrition before and during pregnancy  (Key recommendation: Should I take iron pills to nourish blood? How to improve immunity? Can nutrients reduce stress?)

● Understand the dietary taboos of pregnant women (Key recommendation: how to supplement calcium? Is it healthy to eat vegetarian food? Will eating seafood increase allergies?)

● Common discomforts and soothing methods during pregnancy (Key recommendation: What is the best way to defecate difficult? Drink coffee to refresh? Must eat 20 kinds of nutrients? Is there any solution for dry skin? Can diabetic mothers eat sugar water? Can high cholesterol eat eggs? )

● Demonstration of making a nutritional menu


Suitable for students


This course is suitable for pregnant women and their relatives or anyone interested. 


course structure:  This course is 3 hours in total  



Pregnancy Nutrition Diet Intensive Course

HK$900.00 Regular Price
HK$720.00Sale Price
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