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Stroke and heart disease have appeared younger in recent years, and severe cases can lead to death. What are the risk factors for cardiovascular disease? What is the best medicine for cardiovascular maintenance? Is the method both effective and safe?


A workshop that gives you a comprehensive understanding of heart health and can solve all mysteries for you!


<Participants have the opportunity to receive kardovite heart care and Omega 3 deep-sea fish oil>  



Language: Cantonese

Lecturer : Mr. Huang Rongjun

  • Bachelor of Science with Honours and Master of Philosophy in Food and Nutrition , The Chinese University of Hong Kong , Personal Fitness Coach , Sports Nutrition and Weight Controller and Professional Fitness Ball Coach
  • Mr. Huang is a senior nutritionist at Junjian Nutrition and Health Consultancy Center , with over 19 years of experience in teaching and nutrition and health care consulting and a healthy weight management consultant
  • Nutritious diet plan has been provided to more than 10,000 people
  • Major electronic media visitors and nutrition columnists
  • Published 5 bestselling books on nutrition and health
  • In charge of nutrition and health seminars on different topics and has more than 1000 sessions


Workshop on Prevention and Treatment of Three Highs by Nutritional Diet

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