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This course is designed with equal emphasis on theory and practice, combined with multiple case studies and analysis, and achieves the goal of live learning and application in the form of practice and group discussions. The main purpose of this course is that through the direct and easy-to-understand teaching content, students can not only understand the principles of weight loss and dietary rules after completing the course, but also evaluate personal nutrition and dietary problems through practice, and learn about weight loss diets so as to learn how to establish a correct, effective and lasting body control program, and provide professional nutritional advice and guidance for those who need weight control.


*Macronutrients and Health 

*Dietary and nutritional needs of people of different ages and diseases

*Micronutrients and Health

*Nutrition advice and counseling

*Nutrition and Digestive System

*Food label decoding and dietary management

healthy cooking

*Nutritional and physical fitness assessment and analysis - anthropometric measurements, biochemical indices, clinical observations and dietary records, etc.

*Analysis of obesity cases and study of obesity problems and causes

*Understand various ways to lose weight

*Food safety and hygiene

*Personal calorie assessment, principle and production of nutritional menu

*Healthy cooking and cooking demonstration

* Weight Loss - Detox & Beauty

*Diet Guide for Weight Loss, Eating Out, Holiday Eating Guide

* Know about nutritional supplements and their applications

* Exercise and weight control

*Different health problems and nutritional diet management programs


Target audience: Persons with ITAC and CIBTAC professional certificates, confinement attendants, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, wedding planners, naturopathic assistants, beauticians, therapists, slimmers, hand clinicians, iris specialists, nursing assistants, health care product practitioners, Health workers, weight controllers, fitness trainers, food practitioners and anyone interested in weight management can apply


Course structure: The course is 30 hours in total (12 sessions, 2.5 hours each)

Language of instruction: Cantonese as the main language (supplemented by English). Textbooks are mainly in Chinese


Includes handouts, certificates, internships

Theory exam: 1 hour    

Practical exam: 1 hour      




Advanced Nutrition and Weight Management Professional Certificate Course

HK$13,800.00 Regular Price
HK$12,800.00Sale Price
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