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1. Health Questionnaire    

2. Measure Blood Pressure and Pulse

3. Measure Body Weight and Height

4. High Body Mass Index Analysis


  A)  Blood TestBlood Test

  1.        Complete Blood Picture

- White blood cell count WBC                                       

- Red blood cell count RBC                               

- Hemoglobin Haemoglobin        

- Hematocrit PCV/HCT                        

- Mean corpuscular volume MCV                     

- Mean corpuscular hemoglobin MCH

- Mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration MCHC       

- Differential count        

- Platelet Platelet


2.        Blood Lipids 

-Total Cholesterol 

- HDL Cholesterol 

- LDL Cholesterol (Calculated)

- Triglycerides



3.        DiabetesDiabetics

- Blood Glucose    


4.        Liver Function 

- Alanine aminotransferase SGPT     

- Aspartate aminotransferase SGOT

- Alkaline Phosphatase  

- Bilirubin (Total)      


5.        Renal Function


- Urea Urea        


6.        Thyroid Function 

- Thyroxine T4                                             


7.        Gout

- Uric Acid        


B)   Urine Test Urine Test

-     Urinalysis      


C)  Heart Test

- Resting electrocardiogram ECG


D)  X-Ray Test X-Ray Test

- Chest X-ray Chest X-ray


You can choose one of the following / Select One Check-up Item from below

1.       Liver Ultrasound

2.       Bone Densitometry (Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry DEXA)    

3.       Mammogram ★

4.       Breast Ultrasound Breasts Ultrasound ★

5.       Pelvis Ultrasound Pelvis Ultrasound (Ovary Ovary, Uterus Uterus, Bladder Bladder) ★

6.       Prostate Ultrasound Prostate Ultrasound (Prostate Prostate, Bladder Bladder) ▲


★ For Female Only     ▲ For Male Only



Checked by professional laboratory personnel

Computer Analysis Laboratory Report

Laboratory report reviewed by clinical pathologist

The nutritionist will explain the contents of the report in detail and provide nutritional diet consultation


Comprehensive Physical Examination Program

HK$4,200.00 Regular Price
HK$3,276.00Sale Price
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