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Every mother wants to provide her baby with the best quality nutrition and grow up healthy and happy. Babies are completely dependent on the nutrition their mothers provide during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Knowing instantly that meeting the adequate DHA nutritional needs of expecting mothers is extremely important for the overall healthy development and growth of babies and children.


Data shows 10  Among adults only  1  Get enough Omega 3 and DHA for your body! Ensure that your baby receives high-quality nutritional support throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding.


What DHA is so important to your baby?

DHA baby absorbs enough DHA in the early stage of growth to improve learning and cognitive ability, and help the healthy development of the brain, eyes and nervous system of the fetus


Golden 1,000 Days An important period for baby's brain development? 

Studies have pointed out that getting enough DHA is especially important for solid brain development. The golden period of brain development from pregnancy to the child's 2 years old is the peak of high cognitive function of the baby's brain development to the age of 2 years.


Pregnant mothers with less than 3% DHA levels had a 10-fold higher risk of preterm birth, and less than 5% had a higher risk of developing postpartum depression.


The level of absorption of each individual will affect the amount of DHA the body absorbs due to differences in metabolic rate, absorption, dietary habits and genetics. Know your DHA level first and eat smart and healthy.


JAC provides DHA testing for pregnant mothers and DHA testing for breast milk, fully supporting the wonderful journey of baby growth and laying the first healthy foundation for their development.  



What can you learn from the test?

  • Know your DHA level
  • Your own DHA test report
  • Nutritional Counseling




We recommend that pregnant women take a minimum of 3 tests during pregnancy.


1. The first test is carried out at the beginning of pregnancy (the first 4 weeks to 13 weeks) to test the basal level of DHA in the mother's blood.


2. The second test can be performed in the second trimester (14th to 26th week) to monitor the changes in DHA levels due to dietary adjustments, and the third test can be conducted in the second trimester (27th to 36th week) to ensure the health of the baby. Good foundation.



DHA levels should be constantly monitored throughout breastfeeding to ensure your baby is getting enough DHA.


1. We recommend that mothers take the first breast milk DHA test within the first two weeks after delivery to know the basal level of DHA in breast milk.


2. After the second and third test every other month, the DHA level of breast milk should be monitored more frequently during early lactation to achieve the best level.

DHA test for pregnant mothers

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