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Talent Potential - Helps Targeted Development Potential

Essential Character - Helps to improve character and social interaction

Innate Constitution - Strategies to manage your child's health


Genetic testing helps your child win in the future!


Genes are inherited factors, inherited from parents. Genes determine the synthesis and metabolism of proteins in the human body. Therefore, a child's physique, physical and mental health and inner potential are also affected by genes.


Through genetic analysis, parents can clearly understand the nature of their children, so that they can learn and grow more happily.


The plan includes: concentration, interpersonal relationships, social skills, genetic allergic eczema, high-fat food reaction, muscle power, language talent, music talent, math talent, reading talent, learning ability, etc.



The report also provides targeted improvement plans, in line with the dietitian's diet and life advice. There is no need to draw blood, just take a sample of oral epidermal cells, which is provided by a laboratory accredited by the Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (HOKLAS) and a professional laboratory team is responsible for the detection.


**Suitable for children aged 0-12

Baofu Genetic Test

HK$8,400.00 Regular Price
HK$6,720.00Sale Price
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