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You can't just rely on the feel for skin care!


When someone asks what skin type do you belong to? Dry? Oily? Combination? Sensitive?


In fact, genes have already determined the nature of the skin. Even if you keep applying it every day, it still has no effect. Then you need to understand it first, and then add related products to achieve comprehensive skin repair.




This test plan provides you with a personalized, complete analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of your skin, and uses scientific data to formulate a complete set of skin care indicators for you



1. Skin allergies

2. Skin discoloration

3. Skin elasticity

4. Difficulty in losing weight

5. Exercise and weight loss results

6. Skin Antioxidant

7. Skin hydration

8. Facial skin resists photo-oxidation

9. High-fat food absorption response

Zhiliang Beauty Gene Test

SKU: LC-B-09
HK$8,000.00 Regular Price
HK$6,400.00Sale Price
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